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For over 30 years, Rogue River Outfitters have been providing premium fishing and rafting experiences in the beautiful state of Oregon. Explore our site and find your next adventure.

Who we are

Rogue River Outfitters is a second-generation family owned and operated guide and Outfitter service. My father Denny Hughson has been a guide and outfitter in the state of Oregon since 1966. I grew up with the business always dreaming of becoming a guide and outfitter myself. I started going on many of my father’s summer trips at age 8 as a so called swamper. At age 14 I started working my summers as a boatman on the Rogue River.

At the age of 21 I bought my father’s Deschutes River businesses known as North West River Outfitters. My wife, Tina and I have owned and operated the business since 1986. Tina and I purchased Rogue River Outfitters in 1999. We are offering the Rogue Canyon drift fishing trips and the wilderness White Water Rafting trips. We have enjoyed expanding our service and truly believe the Rogue is one of those beautiful world-famous rivers that everyone needs to see and experience.

What we do


From Winter Steelhead to fly fishing on the Deschutes, we have many offerings throughout the year to catch your favorite fish and have fun doing it.


From July through August, we guarantee you will enjoy one of our white water wilderness rafting trips—adventurous and rewardingly beautiful.


We want to make sure you have fun gear for any of our trips. We have several designs of t-shirts, hoodies, hankies, and fleece. Check them out and pick something fun!

Our Latest trips

Don’t take our word for it, just look at the adventures that happened in the last couple of years.

“People just do not realize how special Oregon is and if you have not seen the Rogue River you are truly missing out. I feel the Rogue should be on everyone’s bucket list… It will absolutely change your life.”

—Craig Hughson, Owner

From Our Clients

We love that our clients love what we offer. Here are a few comments from some of our clients. Word of mouth is everything—we love referrals.

“Craig is best person to go fishing with. He knows EXACTLY where to find them.”

Steve Sterhan

“We had the time of our lives this past weekend on the rafting trip. I was one of 18 that did the camp to lodge trip. Just wanted to say how awesome RRO is and how ridiculously amazing the food was.”

Ryen Boyd

“Thank you very much for a very special experience on the raft trip down the Rogue that myself and my son, Nikko got to do. I especially want to thank Tina for the delicous, interesting, and beautiful food that you prepared for our trip.”

John Mills

“My group had a wonderful experience on the Deschutes this year! Even the newbies caught fish, all were astounded at your river hospitality—I have 4 fishman already committed to going with me on the next trip.”


Why us?

I’ve grown up with great appreciation and understanding of the outdoors. It is truly a pleasure to be able to pass some of this along to our guests. Nothing makes me happier than to watch someone catch their first fish, watch as my fly-fishing lessons pay off or see the excitement in someone’s eyes as we raft through Rogue River white water. I truly believe that I was destined to be a guide and outfitter. At Rogue River Outfitters we take great pride in all our river trips.

Please contact us with any questions. We love to talk about our trips and answer all questions you may have.

–Craig and Tina Hughson