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Winter steelhead – Rogue

Winter steelhead are one of Oregon’s greatest sport fish.  Steelhead are strong fighters, great jumpers, and simply a beautiful fish!

Nearly all of Oregon’s rivers offer a Winter steelhead run.  These amazing fish begin to enter Oregon rivers in November and the run will last through April.  January, February, and March are the peak of the season.   We fish both the Rogue River, which enters the ocean at Gold Beach, Oregon, and the Siletz River, which enters near Lincoln City, Oregon

Lower Rogue River, Wild section

We offer Winter steelhead trips on the Rogue in November, January, February, and March.  This trip can be a 1-day trip, fishing from daylight until 3 pm, or a multi-day trip, fishing all day and spending the night at a historic wilderness Rogue River Lodge.

We fish from a 24′ Jerry’s Marine open sled boat, specially designed to allow us to maneuver up and down the Rogue River.  We can accommodate 2-4 anglers comfortably; however, 3 anglers are ideal.

What makes this trip so special?  A commercial operating permit is required to guide the Wild section of the Rogue, and there are very few of these permits available.  It is not uncommon to be completely alone on the river.  With limited entry, wilderness lodges, steelhead, and the famous Rogue River – that’s why it’s special!

Rogue Winter Steelhead Date and Rates 

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“A lot of people say there is nothing to do in the winter… matter of opinion, I guess. I know that I will never get tired of floating a beautiful coastal river and watching 10 pounds of fighting chrome fly out of the water—end over end. That’s something really awesome to do and I love it”
—Craig Hughson, Owner

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