Multi-Day Fishing —Grande Ronde Trout

Trip Logistics

The Grande Ronde River originates in the Blue Mountains of NE Oregon,and flows 182 miles to meet the Snake River. The Wallowa River travels 55 miles from Wallowa Lake to the Grande Ronde River. The Minam River travels 51 miles from Blue Lake to Minam Lake before joining the Wallowa River.

Our trip begins at Minam, Oregon, where the Wallowa River joins the Minam. Before entering the Grande Ronde, we float the Wallowa River for ten miles. Our trip ends in Troy, Oregon, after a total distance of 52 miles. Our float is Wild and Scenic for 43.8 miles. The Grande Ronde River is the most wilderness river we float.

About Your Grande Ronde Fishing Trip

Our Grande Ronde tours are either 3- or 4-day rainbow trout fly fishing experiences. We also provide spectacular rafting and drift boat trips for two, three, and four days. You will fish from a McKenzie River drift boat on our trout fishing trips. Your guide will slow the boat down as you toss dry flies close the shore, where trout are waiting for their next meal. Your nights will be spent in a deluxe camp, and  you will not go hungry because your guides will make breakfast, lunch, and dinner especially for you.

Please read the following information carefully. This is designed to provide all the information you need to make your trip run as smoothly as possible.  However, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Prior to your trip, RRO will include a copy of our trip release waiver in your trip packet. Please read it carefully, sign it, date it, and return it to us by mail or email. Prior to the start of the excursion, all guests must sign the waiver. Craig will be prepared with extras.


We will make all shuttle arrangements at the river. You will need to have our vehicle shuttled to our takeout location. Please be sure to have a full tank of fuel and a spare key.


Pack your luggage as directed on the “Things to Bring List.” Your luggage will be repacked into waterproof bags so please follow directions. Excess luggage will be left behind!

  • 2 changes of clothes (combined fishing and camp attire)
  • 1 warm jacket
  • 1 windbreaker
  • 1 pair of shoes for camp (tennis or hiking shoes)
  • 1 pair river sandals (we like Chaco or Teva)
  • 1 set of quality rain gear (pants, coat, and hat)
  • Good sleeping bag and pad (cots are provided)
  • Good waders
  • Good wading boots (felt sole, spiked sole or both)
  • Fly vest
  • Polarized sunglasses, chums, and holder to prevent loss
  • Long-billed hat
  • Greaseless sunscreen
  • Small flashlight
  • Personal toiletry items
  • Camera/cell phone
  • Liquor and mix (plastic bottles please)
  • Iced down or cold beverages (we provide one case of assorted soft drinks, water, and lemonade in each boat)
  • Do not forget your Oregon Fishing License


Pack your fishing gear in a separate small boat bag, including fishing gear, windbreaker, rain gear, sunscreen, all things you will need during the day.


Pack no more than you will need for the river trip. We suggest packing clothes in large zip-lock bags and then into a duffel bag or stuff sack. Duffel bags will be repacked in special waterproof dry bags. Sleeping bags and clothes all should fit easily into our waterproof dry bags.

Camping equipment, tents, cots, chairs, and all meals are provided.


Pack your fishing gear in a separate small boat bag, including fishing gear, windbreaker, rain gear, sunscreen, all things you will need during the day.


Anglers visiting the Grande Ronde are recommended to bring at least two fly rods: one for dry fly fishing and one for nymph fishing. Our guides have extra rods;  however, we recommend 1 extra rod per every 3 fishermen, and this can save a trip in case of a broken rod.  (PLEASE NOTE: if you break a borrowed rod, you are responsible for the replacement cost, with a rod of equal value).

The Grande Ronde River is unique, requiring different rod weights depending on the time of year:


  • Dry fly fishing: 9 or 9½ ft. 5 wt. for the big flies
  • Nymphing: 9½ or 10 ft. 5 or 6 wt. for mending and lifting line

Late June 

  • Dry fly fishing: 9 ft. 3wt or 4wt for the small flies
  • Nymphing: 9½ or 10 ft. 4wt or 5 wt.

You will want to bring a reel with a good smooth drag, especially when fishing light tippet.

Lines are the most overlooked and maybe the most important part of our gear. Make sure your lines are clean. We recommend a weight forward or a cut-down double tapper. I also like to overload my rod 1 line size especially when casting larger flies.

Leaders and Tippets:
Each angler should have 2 good leaders. We recommend a 7½ ft. leader for fishing the larger flies and a 9 ft. leader for the smaller flies. Tippets are important – I am a big fan of flouro-carbon tippets. For the big flies, you will need IX, 2X, and 3X tippets and for the smaller flies, you will need 3X, 4X, and 5x tippets.


Flies are listed in the order of most recommended.

Early June – Stone Patterns:

  • Norm Woods special (calf tail wing stimulator) #8, #10
  • Chubby Chernobyl #6, #8
  • Stimulator (orange, yellow, olive) #8

June, July:

  • EC Caddis #14, #16, #18
  • Elk hair caddis #14, #16
  • Comparadun # 16, #18
  • Purple haze #14, #16, #18
  • Parachute Adams #14, #16, #18


  • Bead head prince #6, #8, #10
  • Bead head pheasant tail #12, #14, #16
  • Copper johns #14, #16, #18
  • Bead head hairs ear #8, #10
  • Case caddis #8, #10
  • Kaufman stone #8, #10


  • Dry shake
  • Nippers or scissors
  • Strike indicators
  • Pinch on Split Shot

See also Things to Bring and Fishing Gear Lists.


Arrive the night before your scheduled departure.  You should stay at either LaGrande or Enterprise, Oregon, the night before your trip. Minam is around an hour apart from both LaGrande and Enterprise. 

We’ve compiled a list of places to stay and eat in La Grande and Enterprise to make your stay more enjoyable.

Places To Stay – La Grande:

  • The La Grande Inn
  • The Best Western
  • Super 8 by Wyndham
  • Sandman

Restaurants – La Grande:

  • Ten Depot Street (Steak house)
  • Side A Brewing (Pub)
  • The Dusty Spur (Café)
  • La Fiesta Mexico (Mexican)

Places To Stay – Enterprise:

  • The Wilderness Inn
  • The Ponderosa Motel
  • Eagle’s View Inn

Restaurants – Enterprise:

  • Terminal Gravity Brewing (Pub)
  • Range Rider (American)
  • Red Roster Café (Café)
  • La Laguna Family Mexican Restaurant (Mexican)



You will drive to Minam after breakfast at a restaurant of your choice, where we will meet at 9:00 a.m. Minam is about one hour fro either La Grande or enterprise.

We’ll finish shuttle arrangements and packing here. After that, we’ll string your rods, choose the morning’s fly, and go fishing.


Our trip comeS to a close near Troy, Oregon. Enterprise is 1 hour away from Troy, and 5+ hours away from Portland.

After your trip, we recommend staying in Enterprise for the night. Joseph, Oregon is a 15-minute drive away and a great place to visit. Another 15-minute drive from Joseph brings you to Wallowa Lake, which is definitely worth the drive.

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