RAFTING the Rogue

Let’s hit the water

Are you looking for an outing for a company trip or a team building exercise?  Or do you want to simply spend a memorable time with family and friends? Young or old, there is something about a Rogue River raft trip that brings out the child in everyone. Our guests leave the baggage of everyday life behind and simply have fun.

The Rogue Rivers’ class II, III, and IV whitewater is widely regarded as some of the greatest in the country. However, rafting on the Rogue is only a small part of the fun. The Rogue provides a one-of-a-kind wilderness experience that is really unforgettable.  Raft trips are offered during July and August each year. 

Accommodations can include first-class camping and/or lovely rustic riverside lodges. You can ride on one of two large rafts or get in the water in your own kayak.  

The Rogue River was one of the first eight rivers in the US to be designated as Wild and Scenic in 1968. This act was intended to maintain and preserve the Rogue’s current state – no new construction or development has occurred since then. To float the Rogue’s Wild & Scenic portion, boaters must first obtain a permit. These laws have allowed the Rogue River to retain its natural beauty.

Your Rogue River Rafting tour begins at Graves Creek and ends at Foster Bar after 3 days, 2 nights, and 38 miles of unforgettable adventures.  We will raft 32 miles of the Rogue River Canyon, which is protected by the federal government. 

Warm weather is expected this time of year, with temperatures ranging from 85 to 95 degrees. The water levels are also good, making the white water classes II, III, and IV exciting and safe. Don’t be concerned if the weather is too hot; the Rogue River’s water temps range from 65 to 74 degrees, making it ideal for swimming. The Rogue River is a drop pool river, which means there is a pool after each rapid before the next rush of excitement.

Rafting Adventures

See the fun in action!


Camp/Camp (CC): If sleeping under the stars on the banks of a gorgeous river appeals to you, then our Camp/Camp vacation is for you. It’s not like you’re roughing it – we put together a fantastic camp. You have the option of sleeping under the stars or in a tent that has been put up for you. Cots and sleeping bags are available upon request, and sleeping pads are provided. We provide comfy chairs, a bonfire (if in season).  The guides transform into gourmet chefs in the mornings and evenings, preparing all of the meals and cleaning up afterward. On every one of our camping trips, we have at least one raft that transports all of our camping gear and sets up our camps.

Camp/Lodge (CL): Yes, you read that correctly: the best of both worlds. The first night can be spent camping, and the second night can be spent relaxing in the amenities of Paradise Lodge. Many of our guests have declared this combination to be their favorite. The show we put on at camp is something you should see. Our guides are the greatest on the river, and you will remember your first night camping on the Rogue River for the rest of your life. Night 2 is spent at Paradise Lodge, located on the banks of the river, with a vast meadow behind it—there is lots to see at Paradise.

Lodge/Lodge (LL): In the Wild and Scenic Rogue Canyon, there are a couple of lovely rustic lodges that are charmingly situated: Black Bar Lodge and Paradise Lodge.  Beautiful gardens, comfy cabins, hot showers, good beds, and full meals are all available at these lodges, which are warm, welcoming, and comfortable. These two historic Rogue River Lodges will make your stay memorable.

Boat Options

The “Queen Mary” is an 18’ long self-bailing Sotar raft. The Queen has two bench seats and can safely and comfortably accommodate 1 to 6 guests and the guide. If you’re a bit on the nervous side or just want to relax or soak up some sun, the Queen Mary might be what you are looking for.

If you are more of a team player, then the paddle boat would be more your style? Our paddle boats are 14’ self-bailing Sotar rafts, which are smaller and a bit sportier. It can accommodate up to 6 guests and one guide. The guests all sit on the side of the raft—each guest has a paddle. The guide gives instructions, and everyone works as a team, this raft is my personal favorite.

If you are a one-on one-person, then you’ll want a one-person self-bailing kayak. These kayaks are 12’ long and are self-bailing. They comfortably accommodate 1 adult or an adult and a small person. In these kayaks it’s you and the rapids. These kayaks are a favorite on all trips.

Raft season renews my spirit, seeing the river for what it truly is. Seeing eagles, osprey, deer, turtles, and black bears. Seeing sun rises and sun sets. Beautiful scenery, exciting white water.  Relax, no worries, no stress, take a deep breath, and enjoy. Rafting the Rogue is so much more than words can describe and the Rogue River is truly one of a kind.”

Let’s get in the water!